Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shop till you drop & Get cash back!

Long time no post;) I have been MIA in the blog world but I have been as busy as a bee in the shopping arena! It's pretty bad, but if I get cash back, it's okay right??
I feel like this new year, I have learned so many tips and tricks regarding shopping!
Here aresome easy apps and sites I use to get cash back or earn points toward rewards!*

1. Shopkick
For this app, to get basic "kicks" (points) all you have to do is open the app whenever you walk into a store! You can also get kicks by scanning certain items and linking a card for purchases. So far I only have 1850 kicks since I always forget to open the app at the mall (the app does notify you when you're shopping but I tend to ignore it haha). The rewards are gift cards to stores such as TJ Maxx, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, JCPenny, & more! However, it takes awhile to earn a lot of kicks to get larger amounts of gift cards.
my referral link:

2. Panel App
This app is pretty great because you don't even have to do anything other than have it on your phone! You don't even have to open it! To earn points, the app tracks your traveling distances--the more you travel, the more points you get. The app rewards paypal money and amazon gift cards.
my referral link:

Okay, this is my favorite! ibotta is an app that rewards cash back for certain purchases, mostly groceries. You can earn up to $1 for buying things such as kleenex, eggs, milk, soap at regular stores like Walmart or Publix. All you have to do is unlock the items on the app and verify your purchase by taking a picture of your receipt. If you already buy essentials, then why not get cash back along the way?? So far I've earned about $85 worth of Sephora and Amazon giftcards!
my referral link:
my referral code: bbxodmb

4. Ebates
Ebates was one site that I wasn't sure of at first. I always heard about it, but I initially thought you had to link your card which made it gimmicky. However, I finally googled how to join and found out you didn't have to link anything! All you do is make an Ebates account and access online stores through the Ebates website. Every online store affiliated with Ebates offers a certain percentage of cash back so when you purchase through the Ebates website, you get money back! 6% may not seem large but it all adds up! At certain times of the year, Ebates will send you a "big fat check" in the mail. If you're an online shopaholic like me, it's very rewarding!
my referral link:

I hope these tips and tricks will help you earn money as you shop!
If you need any help, comment or just search it on youtube;)

*p.s. I am not sponsored but if you use my links or codes, you will be helping me tremendously! You may even earn welcome bonuses by using them:)


Thursday, July 31, 2014

3 Weeks till School...

Well really 2 weeks and 4 days... pshh, I'm not counting!
Haha, actually, for the past few nights I haven't been able to get lots of sleep. I lie down in bed and it takes me literally two hours to get knocked out. I sleep at 12 and I wake up at 8-.- Today, I even woke up at 6! I think it's mainly because I keep thinking about school. I'm really excited for this new year! My favorite part of back to school is shopping for school supplies and clothes and of course seeing my friends too. But this year, I'm taking two college classes (Spanish I & OT) in addition to my regular high school classes. I'm nervous but since I have friends in the class, it's not super scary. I have a some other things to look forward to this year:
1) Yearbook staff: Graphic Designer/Photographer
2) Jr Sr
3) meeting new people
4) more memories with my besties
5) Artist Series
6) school events

***One thing I'm definitely not looking forward to is the ACT exan:(

Last year was awesome, even though I had some regrets. I hope this year will be epic and even better than last year!

Monday, July 28, 2014

My style...

Ok, I have no clue what my fashion sense is! It's all over the place... I kinda wish it had a category but I guess it's cool to be unique at the same time.
How would I describe my style?
Hmm... I would say cute, girly, and when I wanna dress up- classy.

-I love formal and preppy (well Pinteresty, not exactly Lilly Pulitzer). I think tucking tops or collared shirts into skirts is so classy. If the skirt is flowy and A-line, it gives me a young cute look, but if the skirt is a pencil skirt, I look grown up and a bit sassy.

-But I am also drawn toward floraly, bohemian, tribal kind of items. I would have to say that my favorite brand at Macy's is American Rag. Their comfy sweaters and floral dresses are to die for. I just wish they were more affordable:( That's why I wait for sales;)

-Vintage inspired pieces make me want to jump into a time machine and head back to the 1930's! And retro bathing suits just need to be in my closet!

-I can be casual, of course. Recently, I've been loving the athletic/laid back boyish look that comes from sneakers/keds. I just got a new pair of navy keds look alike at Old Navy for $13! I love it with a pair of denim shorts and baseball tee inspired top. I bet that outfit would look really cute too with a baseball cap.

-Fabrics & Patterns: I would say the material and patterns I'm into are girly. I like tribal and bohemian, but crochet, lace, and ditsy floral are my favorite. Stripes and chevron (mainly non-clothing though) are a nice addition to my wardrobe too.

One thing I'm not is punk or Cali trendy. Sure, I have pieces that are "in style" but you wouldn't catch me in a black studded leather jacket, a crop top or brallete that "gives enough coverage to be appropriate", or high waisted distressed short shorts. I don't think any of those are classy or give the right impression that I'm Christ's child.

Whatever our fashion sense is, we need to remember that when someone looks at us, they should see Jesus!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Birthday Box

I don't know about you but sometimes I don't know what to put my friends birthday gifts in. Sometimes I help my wallet and just reuse a gift bag given to me, but a couple of months ago, I saw some cute hat boxes at TJ Maxx. They add something different to a gift--they can even be used to keep memorabilia and photos later on! Some things I would have loved to have added to this gift: tissue paper & a big bow on top (instead I taped a polaroid birthday card).


Friday, June 13, 2014

Driving myself crazy...

So, I've had my permit for almost a year now but I have never actually gotten on the real roads till drivers ed this week.

My instructor was great--she talked A LOT, which I guess was supposed to calm me down. But every time she talked to me about her life I was only half paying attention cus I wanted to keep my head on the road. She would demonstrate something sometimes and she would squawk like an angry bird haha! And she reminded me of Mrs. Puff from Spongebob! except she was a much better teacher than her haha.

First lesson, the instructor took me into residential areas and hills and I was scared!! I was going like 55 mph in a 40 mph road haha! It was pretty crazy.

Second lesson, she made me parallel park and do a 3 pt turn and a certain reverse maneuver--- lemme just say that this lesson was the most frustrating. I'm still a little confused on how the wheels work and stuff :S

Third lesson (today), I conquered downtown and the interstate!! How crazy is that? She said that downtown is the worst because of all the pedestrians and cramped roads but I liked it. The atmosphere was just so homey to me. The interstate wasn't so bad, except for merging. I still need to gain confidence when merging and seeing cars merge into my lane.

I did a lot of crazy things on my 3 lessons haha... went 15 mph above speed limit, abruptly stopped on a yellow light and ended up in the intersection and deciding to go on ahead when the light turned red-.-, almost followed a car to a right exit when I was supposed to go straight, and not listening to instructions, and so on....

But hey, I have gotten so much better! Little Me On the Road!!! Next time you know it, I'll be having road trips with my girlies:) I need to get my license first tho..which means Ive gotta practice approx 32 more hrs! 


Friday, June 6, 2014

The Perks of Being a Short Girl

Hey, being five feet & five-eighths of an inch doesn't mean I can't be fierce XD mess with me, you'll need some new pants soon after you see what I can do.
Some of these are positive things I have noticed living my wonderful life as a shortie:) Sometimes I hate being short but that's only sometimes. Most of the times I love it and am proud of it!

1) You are seen as "cute" lol:) Even if you wear a not so great outfit, your cuteness overshadows that.

2) It's easier to get modest skirts since skirts short on tall girls still reach around your knees.

3) People tend to show you more care and compassion.

4) People help you reach for things that are too high.

5) People tend to protect you more. (It might get annoying though, especially if you know you're even stronger than the other.)

6) You can pretend that you need rest after a short time since you get tired "easily".

7) Talents that you have seem better because they don't expect us, shorties, to be capable of certain activities.

8) Ankle maxi dresses reach the floor for you--what maxi dresses are supposed to do. (Alas, some maxis are drape on the floor too much, and we have to get them hemmed.)

9) You have more places to hide for hide and go seek! Your limbs are short and bendable enough (hopefully) where you can hide under the kitchen sink. Helpful when a burglar comes to your home (no personal experience haha). And you can also scare people more like when I hid in our small kitchen pantry:)

10) You have more actual swimming area at the pool because you can't reach the bottom of 5 ft without standing on your tiptoes.

11) In professional pictures, shorties are made to stand in the front of the crowd in pictures, so it's less likely for you to be covered and forgotten.

12) When you go through a low doorway, you won't have to duck your head.

13) You have more leg room in the car.

14) You can lay down in the third row of a van and sleep when going on a road trip (unless you have siblings).

15) You're most likely going to date a guy taller than you (not that short guys are bad...).

16) Guys are less likely to be intimidated by you.

17) You will be approachable by both genders.

18) You'll become a cute little grandma when you grow older.

19) You won't be too tall in heels; you'll look just right.

20) You'll have to tiptoe to kiss or hug. And don't deny it; it's cute!

21) You're easier to carry and cuddle.

22) Your bed will be long enough.

23) Pants will hit your legs at the right spot, and you won't have to pay extra for "extra long".

24) You look younger.

25) If you're like me, you will have tiny feet. You can buy shoes in the children's section and pay less money.

26) You're sometimes like a ninja. You're so fast and small, you won't be seen coming like in sports.

27) You can move around in a crowd (tall people will show kindness and let you) and manage to go up to the front or find a seat.

28) People will give up their seat for you.

29) You feel cute and innocent when you look up at people.

30) Your legs will become strong because you have to power walk to catch up with people.

So ha! Take that tall people!;)
I'll be adding more in the future.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Joy in the Kitchen #1: Lemon Bars!

When life gives you lemons, zest them and squeeze them to make lemon bars:)
Our kitchen is so much bigger now! I'm so thankful cus I'm finding that I really like baking. And I'm pretty messy too so now, I've got more space to make a mess in!
Yesterday, I baked the first ever goodies in our new kitchen. I used the recipe that Kara's grandmother used for her birthday party lemon bars. They were sooo good then that I ate about five! I've been craving them since her birthday in February (and her book report over Sense and Sensibility). I even bought Fresh Market lemon bars and Publix lemon cakes one time, but they weren't nearly as good. The lemon bars were too soft, and the lemon cakes were a little bitter.

Quick note to myself: 
1•Spray the pan. (haha, totally forgot!) 
2•Lessen the lemon juice. (I personally love it really sour but I have to think of others!) 
3•Wait till it's all the way cooled to sprinkle confectionery sugar on top. 
4•Wait till it's all the way cooled to cut into bars. (I was just so excited!)

I think they turned out well. I know the lemon bars look a bit sloppy but despite their looks, they were delish! They were soft but chewy enough on the outside and gooey on the inside to have a nice texture. They were tangy but balanced by the confectionery sugar and crust. When you eat one, it's like a little sweet & sour party in your mouth!
Mom thought it was too sour, but Dad thought it was good and gave it a 7 out of 10. Yay! haha:)
I sent my grandparents some and finger crossed that they will enjoy it!


This summer, I wanna do this little segment "Joy in the Kitchen" featuring different recipes I have tried. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment! I'll probably look on Pinterest for recipes;)